Dr Holt has now retired, but supports the new Radiowave Therapy Research
Institute established in Perth in the capacity of Scientific Advisor.

The address and contact details for the Institute are as follows:

Radiowave Therapy Research Institute
261 Stirling Highway
Claremont WA 6010

Phone: 61 8 9285 4000
Facsimile: 61 8 9285 4090
Email: reception@the-institute.com.au
Web: www.the-institute.com.au

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Selena Gomez confessed doing therapy for these bikini photos

Justin Bieber’s ex was criticized by his physical appearance after learning of photos of her in a swimsuit on Mexican beaches. “People shouted atme fat , ” he said

Selena Gomez 23 revealed that had to seek the help of a psychologist to overcome theattacks got after knowing photos of her in a fitshop bikini during a vacation in Mexico last April.
When the images came to networks, many users criticized for wearing it a few extra kilos. ” I’m doing therapy landing at the airport and people were screaming to me.. ‘! You’re fat’ It was horrible , ” he said.
“People shouted at me fat,” the star told in an interview
One day after the reviews, the ex Justin Bieber decided to answer his enemies from Instagram with a photo of her in a swimsuit along with the phrase: ” I love being happy with myself # haymásparaamar”.
The photo published in Instagram to silence critics
“Every year, I am more aware of who I am. I have a little more aware of myself. I feel confident and free. I’m not going to hide in my room and depressed , ” he told the star to Us Weekly .

Elvina 'Dish' Johnson
Chairperson of the D.J.H.S.G

A simple explanation

The NH&MRC have finished compiling their report on Dr. Holt’s Radiowave therapy. If you wish to contact them and have your voice heard the contact details are as follows:

Microwave Review Project Officer
Health Advisory Section (MDP 24)
National Health and Medical Research Council
GPO Box 9849

Email: microwave.review@nhmrc.gov.au

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